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Precision in every count

With our unique CTC tests

Unlike other labs, our Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) tests are uniquely designed on negative selection technology, ensuring all cancer populations are accounted for, and only non-cancer cells are discarded before analysis.

We provide a comprehensive view of your CTCs instead of a partial count. Our technology offers you the most precise insight into your cancer status.

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Monitor your cancer at a cellular level

Design individualized treatment plans

Our Onconomics Plus panel is a game-changing cancer test! Imagine having a roadmap that pinpoints exactly what distinct solutions can target your cancer.

This innovative test analyzes your cancer at a cellular level to identify both therapeutic drugs and natural substances that are most likely to work on your cancer cells.

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Specialized insights for your cancer type

Our advanced insights help you make treatment choices that work for you - irrespective of your cancer type!

• Breast cancer
• Colon cancer
• Gastrointestinal cancer
• Lung cancer

• Melanoma
• Prostate cancer
• Sarcoma
• And more

Explore additional options and shape a unique treatment strategy that’s your own.

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We can empower you on your journey to better health!

We partner with you from diagnosis to baselining your cancer status and identifying treatment protocols that work for YOU!

Our methodology also involves following up on treatment progress and monitoring your post-treatment status to watch for recurrence possibilities.

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Simplified testing. Quick results.

Our cancer tests use liquid biopsies, which are quick and as simple as collecting your blood sample. Your sample is sent to our state-of-the-art laboratories in Greece for evaluation.

You should receive your results within 7-10 days after our lab receives your sample.

No more waiting to schedule a biopsy or worrying about invasive procedures.

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Empowering informed decision-making

Discover how our cancer tests help

Our cutting-edge cancer tests go beyond diagnosis; they provide insights that can lead to more effective treatments tailored to you.

Understanding your cancer type at a deep, molecular level means you can choose treatments that will likely have the greatest chance of showing positive results for your body and cancer.

We empower you with the knowledge and personalized treatment options that can make your cancer journey more manageable, offering hope and comfort along the way.

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“RGCC Cancer Testing has

totally revolutionized our understanding of a client’s particular cancer.”

Dr. Clayton Bell
Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician
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Frequently asked questions

How do these tests differ from standard cancer screenings?

Our tests go beyond standard cancer screenings by delving deeper into the genetic and molecular characteristics of your cancer. While standard screenings aim to detect cancer, our cancer tests provide detailed insights into your cancer's behavior, genetics, and how it responds to treatments.

Which cancer types can be tested using RGCC's services?

Whatever type of cancer you may have, our tests can help provide deep insights. This included tests for cancer of the breast, colon, gastrointestinal, lung, prostate, melanoma, sarcoma, and more.

What information do these tests provide about my cancer type?

Our tests provide comprehensive information about your cancer, including genetic expressions, treatment effectiveness, and even the potential response to specific therapies. 

Can these tests help determine the most effective treatment for my cancer type?

Absolutely. The information from our tests guides your practitioner in identifying the treatments that are most likely to be effective for your specific cancer type. This personalized approach enhances treatment success.

Are these tests suitable for all stages of cancer?

Yes, our tests can be valuable for patients at various stages of cancer. Whether you're newly diagnosed or in the midst of treatment, our tests offer insights that can aid in optimizing your cancer care plan.

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